šŸ¤© Super offeršŸ¤© šŸŒ±Vegan cosmetics with high quality ingredientsšŸŒ±

šŸ¤© Super offeršŸ¤©
šŸŒ±Vegan cosmetics with high quality ingredientsšŸŒ±

Distillery set consisting of Purify facial oil and C Shot powderĀ 

Distillery PURIFY facial oil

The AVON Distillery Purify Facial Oil works like an everyday detox for the skin. With its innovative formula of highly effective and antioxidant active ingredients, it protects the skin and makes it silky and soft.

Vegan cosmetics with high quality ingredients:

With natural antioxidants from chlorophyll, beta-carotene, guaiazulene and cloudberries

97% jojoba oil Gives the skin effective protection against skin damage

Skin gets a silky sheen

Absorbs quickly

Can be mixed with a nourishing cream For everyday use Vegan


You apply the Purify Facial Oil in the morning and in the evening after a thorough cleansing of your face and dƩcolletƩ. You use 3-5 drops that are gently massaged onto dry skin. Then you can use your skin care cream. You can also mix the facial oil directly with your cream and apply both after cleansing.

The AVON Distellery C Shot offers you an extra portion of vitamin C for a radiant complexion. The powder with concentrated ingredients nourishes your skin and makes it shine youthfully and fresh. A daily dose for a gorgeous glow!

Vitamins every day – the C Shot powder:

Concentrated vitamin C and vitamin E.

Antioxidants in the vitamins have an invigorating effect Protect against free radicals

Provides a nice shine


You use the C Shot powder from AVON Distillery in the morning. You can give two sprinkles directly on the cleansed, dry and well-cared for skin. Or you mix the powder with your day cream, serum or face oil.

You can order this wonderful set here: https://kurzelinks.de/84ua

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