2020 campaign 2

2020 campaign 2


Hello dear I was not very active in the last campaigns and did not write my usual post with the news from the campaign.

Sometimes it seems to me anyway that I am doing it for nothing, that nobody reads it. If you read my post please leave me a comment.

Campagne 2 started today on January 16 and ends on February 5.

Right on the cover you can see a new product, a groundbreaking innovation, a 7-day ampule treatment with PROTINOL.

Protinol is an exclusive skin care innovation that, like no other ingredient, helps boost the production of 2 types of collagen. The result: a significantly higher collagen content.
Helps to regenerate the collagen loss of 7 years in 7 days.

We also have a new product on pages 8–9, a 2-phase care against dark circles. It looks like our Lift & Firm 2-phase eye care.

With the new product we also have 2 chambers, the white cream has an antioxidant formula and color correction pigments for the day. The gel formula with organic seaweed extract for at night.

We have offered many great products from the Anew care line in this campaign.

Anyone who knows Avon also knows the popular fragrance Perceive. It is currently in the offer to pay one and order 2 of your choice for free.

Pur Blanca is also a well-known fragrance from Avon, just as a 3-piece set on offer.

On page 33 we have a new metallic liquid lipstick.


On page 35 we from Avon Pro Color have a new metallic nail polish.

Our NR. 1 eyeliner gets 4 new colors.

The fragrance series Mesmerize gets a new fragrance for women and men, Mesmerize Mystique Amber.

I would also like to mention the perfumes on offer, 1 for € 18.99 or 2 for € 25.98 :-).

On page 60 you can now get the pocket spray from the fragrance Herstory, which is introduced in Campaign 3. A combination of pink pepper, iris, patchouli.

On page 71 are the new products from Campagne 1. A highlight in the can, a 2-in-1 liquid shimmer eye shadow and pen, a holocrome shimmer gloss.

On page 115 you will find the Distillery products, our vegan line.

On pages 117–116 our Japanese care line Mission.

Jewelry and watches ideal as a Valentine’s Day gift.

Finally, I show you the new, thermal foot and hand masks from the K Beauty line.

Of course, we have a lot more products on offer, you can find everything in the brochure.

Did you find something you like ?please write me a message.

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