Happy 2nd birthday

Happy 2nd birthday

Hello everyone :-), today the blog Hanys Avon Shop is celebrating its 2nd birthday.

Wow, back then when I started posting on the blog I never imagined that I would do it for 2 years :-).

Not even that I will be an Avon consultant for two years. In March 2018 I became a consultant, I only started the blog with this post in June.

Thanks to a very dear customer, I managed to stay an Avon consultant for 2 years. She collected orders for me from her company and that helped me a lot.

I want to thank her for her help.

My team leader has always supported and helped me, so I want to thank her too.

During this time I also have a small, own team of Avon consultants. Of course, I try to help and support them as well as my team leader.

If you also want to become an Avon consultant, or just order the products for yourself at up to 50% cheaper, get in touch with me. I’m happy for you.

In the end I want to pat myself on the shoulder and congratulate myself for 2 years of blogging. I hope that I will remain an Avon consultant for many more years and of course I hope that I will continue the blog.

With love Hany

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