Avon antibacterial hand gel

Avon antibacterial hand gel

When the coronavirus broke out, all the disinfectants were sold out, and what was left to find was pretty overpriced.

Avon recognized the gap and decided to also sell disinfectants. And like all Avon products at a good price.

Actually it should have been launched in Campagne 6, but because the Avon factory in Poland decided to donate a lot of products, they would only be introduced in Campagne 7.

I immediately announced on my Facebook page that it was for sale.

I ordered 7 in Campagne, the order arrived a week ago, but unfortunately I can hardly find time to write a blog post.

I’ve also been less active on Facebook lately.

There are many people who bought disinfectants before the coronavirus and will therefore continue to buy them even when the corona crisis is over.

I was never really a fan of disinfectants, but in schools the children have to disinfect their hands and I primarily ordered for my children.

My eldest complained that the disinfectant smells pretty sharp at the entrance to his school and the skin becomes dry. That’s how most disinfectants are.

The Avon antibacterial hand gel for the hands is moisturizing & antibacterial.
With 64% alcohol and glycerin.
It is therefore suitable for the whole family, glycerin cares for the hands, and they do not dry.

My eldest son said that the Avon hand gel also smells spicy, at first he didn’t want to accept it, afterwards he said that he had to admit that it didn’t smell as bad as that from his school. Now he also wants to take one with him.

My middle child immediately said that it smells like at his polyp surgery last year, when they inserted the cannula, and he actually liked that. He has a small bottle in his school bag, no disinfectant is offered in his elementary school, the children have to wash their hands. There is a sink in every class.
I also like it because it doesn’t dry your hands. Press once on the pump and rub it in, it absorbs, but remains sticky for a few seconds. After that there is nothing left to feel.

I hope you find the information helpful, and if you decide to give it a try, I would be happy when you order from me😍.

Here is my online brochure, just put products in the basket and send the order to me. I then get an email and get in touch how we do it with payment and handover / shipping.

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