Becoming an Avon Consultant is now easier than ever

Becoming an Avon Consultant is now easier than ever

Hello dears and welcome to my blog.

Avon is constantly working and improving the products, but also improving the tools that help us representants do our jobs better and easier.
Avon has recently launched a new tool for Team Leaders that allows new Consultants to more easily enroll on our team.

In 2018, when I registered with Avon, a written agreement was required, and you even had to send a picture of ID. That was a bit cumbersome and cost me a few consultants. Not everyone was willing to send me a picture of the ID :-(. I have to be honest, I was skeptical, too.
Not everyone has a printer at home to print out the agreement, then it was sent by post.. Then I had to send it to Avon together with an ID photo and from that moment it took 1-2 working days for the consultant to be registered and to get a counselor number.
Then we had an easier method, I could register online without a written agreement, the counselor would then get an email, and she would then have to click on a confirmation link. But I still had to check the lady’s identity.

And now it has finally become so easy that you can register online. I then get an e-mail and get in touch with the new consultant.
The new consultant only has to tick one box, confirming that the data she has given is correct.
She can then immediately place an order and enjoy the benefits.
And you know what’s totally beautiful? Customers can do that too. Register and order yourself.
At Avon there is no Advantage Client program, there are only consultants, but we are also divided into 3 categories.

  1. The customer who only orders for herself and her family
  2. The consultants who would like to sell and are trying to find new customers
  3. The top consultants who managed to find customers who sell a lot

So if you love Avon products, if you don’t want to wait for your consultant to place an order, register now and order whenever you want.
The order comes to your home in 2 working days (within Germany) and free of charge from an order value of 50 €.
If you want more information about the advantages, you can read the posts in the category Jobs that I wrote on my blog.
Or you can send me a message with your questions, and I’ll be happy to answer them.
See you soon, your Hany


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