Avon Disney Frozen 2 Collection

Avon Disney Frozen 2 Collection

With the launch of the new film Frozen 2 in the cinemas, Avon launches the Frozen 2 Collection.

In addition to the already well-known products, Frozen Collection 2 contains a hand cream, hair gel, a small scent of 15 ml, a lip gloss and two lip balms.

AVON Disney Frozen 2 enchants with a scent of juicy raspberries and jasmine with sweet cotton candy achord.

The lip balm Elsa has a watermelon scent and the lip balm Anna smells of cherry. Maybe they have the taste too, unfortunately I did not try them and i can not tell you exactly.

I am not sure if both series will be offered in the future or if now the Frozen 2 line will replace the first line.

In the Campagne 16, 2 sets are offered, the first consists of 4 new products, which unfortunately can not be ordered individually.

The second set consists of fragrance shampoo and shower gel, the products can be ordered individually, but comes in a set much cheaper.



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