Avon Nutraeffects Oxypure Collection

Avon Nutraeffects Oxypure Collection

Oxypur complex
Each product of the new collection contains the Oxypure complex, consisting of seaweed and soy, which initiates the process of skin renewal by saturating it with oxygen, cleansing the cells of toxins, giving it shine and elasticity. As a natural filter, it protects against environmental aggressors, helps filter out impurities and increases moisture levels. This in turn allows the skin cells to fully optimize oxygen and thus revitalize the skin.
In addition, the complex is based on turmeric. It is a unique natural ingredient that can quickly soothe and soften the skin, improving its protective functions over time.
Vitamin E moisturizes the skin, eliminates dryness and feelings of tension.
Shea butter actively nourishes and smoothes the skin and strengthens the natural protective barrier against external stressors.
You can find the products from the Oxypure Collection under My Online Brochure or in my online shop

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