Consultant Awards 2020

Consultant Awards 2020

In addition to our discounts and gifts, which we can order in every campaign, those who sell a lot, get even more bonuses.

Starting at €7,000 a year, you are a top consultant and receive a gift and have advantages that consultants who do not sell less than €7000 a year don’t have.

One advantage is that you can order free of charge by phone, online orders are usually free of charge, but those who are not very familiar with technology can also order by phone, but this costs €4.95. As a top consultant, you have this service free of charge.

You get a birthday and a Christmas present and in 2020 also this beautiful tube bracelet with shell pearl pendant.


Did you sell for € 15,000? Then you get in addition , a hose chain with a shell pearl pendant.

From € 30,000 you qualify for the dream trip to Rhodes.

At a premium level of € 60,000, you can take your partner on vacation.


Anyone who sells for € 100,000 in 2020 can drive this BMW for a year, unfortunately only 10,000 km.

I hope you find this information useful :-). If you are considering signing up with Avon, I would be happy to see you join my team.

Just write me a message or register now to become an Avon consultant.

Your Hany.

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