Consultant bonuses for the year 2021

Consultant bonuses for the year 2021

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

Today I want to show you the advantages of a consultant :-).

As consultants, in addition to the discounts (between 1% -35%), we can also earn gifts on a monthly basis and bonuses and more gifts every year.

The top consultants and top sales leaders are chosen every year. In 2020 and this year too, the event will take place online, previously the event took place in a hotel.

There are a few levels that must be reached in order to qualify for these awards.

Every year, Avon carefully selects beautiful rewards for us. A garnet bracelet and necklace would be selected for 2021.


Dark red and transparent, garnet, also known as almandine, is one of the strongest gemstones in stone healing. An absolute power stone that seems to be bursting with life energy, vitality and a big YES to life.

The first stage is reached by a consultant, who sells for €7,000 a year.

At this first stage, the consultant has a number of advantages: a free service number, no shipping costs for telephone orders over €50, a birthday present, a Christmas present and a bracelet with garnet stones.

From €15,000 a year, a consultant has the benefits of the first level (€7,000) and a necklace with garnet stones to match the bracelet.

The third level is reached at €30,000, now a consultant has earned a trip to it. The award destination for 2021 is Valencia.

From a turnover of €60,000, the consultant can take her partner with her.

With an annual turnover of €100,000, the consultant also receives a €9,000 grant your Wishes bonus.

As you can see, becoming an Avon Consultant is worthwhile.

Do you find the rewards interesting? Would you also like to have the chance to win these prizes?

Then get in touch with me, and I’ll be happy to help you :-).

By the way, I’ll also show you how much you can earn with €7,000 in sales per year.

When selling €350 in one month, a consultant gets a 35% discount. At €7,000 a year, and assuming that the consultant achieved a 35% discount every month, she earned €2,450 from home alongside her job.

See you soon, your Hany



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