Stay at home the order comes to you

Stay at home the order comes to you

Avon used to send directly to customers when they ordered from the Avon online shop. For some time now, Avon has recommended that you order from a consultant in their shop. In this case, Avon sent the products directly to the consultant, and they would have to send them on.

Since the corona crisis began and direct contact should be avoided, Avon has considered and worked on a solution that customers can order from a consultant as usual, but the orders are delivered directly from Avon at home.

Firstly, minimizing the number of people who come into contact with the products, we consultants do not have to go out of the house to bring the packages to the post office or to deliver the products.

You can stay at home, take no risks, carry nothing.
You can now order in my online shop or via my personalized online brochure and you will receive the packages at home.
In Campaigne 6 we have free delivery from an order value of €20, otherwise, shipping costs €4.95.

Attention, this offer is only valid in Germany.

I look forward to your orders.


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