Campagne 1 Avon 2021

Campagne 1 Avon 2021

Hello and welcome to my blog. Although I have made up my mind to post something new on the blog so often, and there is a lot of news about the Avon, I unfortunately never got around to it.

We had a second lockdown in Austria, and we, I and my family were also in quarantine. My husband was sick first after me. Fortunately, the children had only mild symptoms.

With the children at home, I don’t have my usual daily routine and have had to cut back a lot. It takes me around 4 hours for a post, and with homeschooling and housekeeping I couldn’t find the time.

Now I’ll start with some news :-).

From Campagne 15 in 2020, the Avon Campaigns last a whole month instead of the 3 weeks we had before.

I think that’s great news, it’s easier for our customers to remember when the campaign ends.

Each campaign starts on the first of the month and ends on the last day of the month. Simple, or :-)?

And another great piece of news, in the online brochure you will find 3 exclusive offers per month.

The link for the brochure always stays the same, it doesn’t change, but it will always lead to the current campaign, so if you click on it now in January you will see the brochure for January, when you will discover this post later, we say in April, see the brochure that is valid in April.

Now I finally come to the first campaign of 2021, valid from January 1st to January 31st. I have to honestly say that Campagne 1 is not as great as the last campaign from 2020, but that was also full of Christmas offers.

New year sale

The fragrances are now cheaper in Campagne 1 than in Campagne 16.





The vitamin C care program is also on offer.


Makeup palettes

I’ve seen very few eye shadows and makeup palettes since March 2018, since joining Avon as a Consultant, and now I can find 2 in a brochure.




Distillery products

Our vegan care line Distillery and the new face elixir with hemp oil.

Small thing, big effect

Avon supports 2 charitable projects under this motto

Avon donates half of the proceeds from these products to the above projects.


Hair care

Child care


These were just some products in our Campaign 1. There are many more offers and many more products, so I recommend you to leaf through the brochure yourself.

We don’t all have the same taste, and we are not looking for the same thing.

I hope that my contribution is helpful to you, and if you decide to order from me, I thank you in advance.

The online brochure is a cool thing, you can put the products in the basket there and send the order. I get an email with your order. Please enter your email address so that I can write to you.

Your Hany


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