Spring brings llamas

Spring brings llamas

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This month Avon launched a new line of children’s care products, the Lama Dude line. The products are decorated with a picture of a funny llama and smell very nice, like sweet strawberries!

In April, the Lama Dude shower cream and Lama Dude body spray are available.

You can find these 2 great products in the brochure on page 176 or in the online brochure.


🍓The gentle formula of the shower cream gently cleanses the child’s skin and protects it from moisture loss.
Apply a small amount of gel to a damp sponge or directly to the palm of your hand, lather and rinse.
🍓Lama Dude’s scented body spray instantly refreshes your child’s skin and leaves a sweet strawberry scent behind.
Spray a small amount of the product onto the skin from a distance of approximately 15 cm.

In May, 3 more products from the care line will be introduced, a bubble bath, a liquid soap and a hand cream. Consultants are allowed to preview the products that will be launched next month.

🍓The bubble bath has a gentle formula and creates lots of bubbles to make every bath a pure pleasure.This care product can be successfully used for washing delicate children’s skin.

🍓Liquid soap is easy for children (3+) and suitable for all skin types.The gentle formula moisturizes, cleanses the skin of the hands and protects them from drying out.

🍓 Shimmering llama dude hand cream for with a strawberry scent.

Do you want to try the products in advance? Simply register as Avon consultant/direct customer.

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