A nice present

A nice present

I am also one of the best Avon consultants in Germany 2019.

I told you in this post that a counselor who sells for €7000 a year is considered the best counselor and receives some gifts more than the counselors who sell less.

We get a birthday present and a Christmas present, plus a certificate with a present because we have reached the first stage.

And the more you sell, the bigger the premium will be (you can read here for 2018, 2019 or 2020)

For 2018, the premium was a pearl bracelet and for 2019, a silk scarf.

Today they received my certificate and my scarf.

Then I quickly took some pictures as I was, not dress up extra for pictures.

Actually I don’t like to take selfies, I don’t see myself beautiful, I find something in every picture that I don’t like. I will post this pictures, although I don’t like how I look.

For Christmas, we got a decorative sparkling wine bottle with light.

For our birthday this year we got a heart cake pan, I already baked a sand cake in mine.

And all of this besides the gifts that every Rep can win in every campaign.

Avon offers gifts for all Reps, we have an extra development program for new reps from Campagne 1-4, and then gifts for reps from their 5 campaign.

I find Avon the best network marketing company on the market. I have not heard from any other company that gives so many gifts and bonuses.

In addition, you cann register for free, no start risk, everyone can try it without investing a cent.

If you also like cosmetics and make-up and love gifts, you are welcome to register in my team.

I stand by your side and help you with information.

Here you can register for free.



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