A comparison of conventional soap and intimate wash lotion

A comparison of conventional soap and intimate wash lotion

Unlike some soaps and other washing gels, Simply Delicate products are formulated with gentle ingredients to help balance the natural pH. A gentle floral body wash that is mild enough for daily use. Gently cleanses sensitive skin. With chamomile extract, soothes and reduces irritation.
Do you already know the intimate washing lotion from Avon? I’ve been using them for years, always have a spare at home.
I met her in Romania many years ago and fell in love with her. After I moved to Austria, I unfortunately only found 1 intimate wash lotion at Schlecker, who can still remember.
Before I became an Avon consultant, I bought my intimate lotion in Italy, where the choice was a bit larger than here.
For four years, I don’t have to search anymore, I get it in front of the door. Every time I see it on sale, I buy some. For me and for my customers.

In this campaign, you can find the washing lotion in the brochure on page 210-211.

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