Manicure with Avon products

Manicure with Avon products

Hello dears 🙂 and welcome to my blog.

I’ve had gel nails consistently for the last 3 years, and now I thought it was time to take a break. But I don’t want to do without painted nails. Before I decided to go for gel nails, I also did some post by Avon nail polishes.
First thing I did was clean my nails and push the cuticles, I’m not a fan of cutting cuticles. Then I applied a layer of base coat.
Before the gel nails, my nails were soft and brittle, so I ordered the Avon True Nail Experts Double Duty Base Coat and Treatment from Avon. This product is no longer available under this name, it has a different packaging and name.
Then I applied 2 layers of the CRUSHED CRYSTALS Nail Polish – Limited Edition, color Sunset Breeze.

To seal it, I applied a layer of GEL SHINE top coat.

I also had some stickers that I ordered from AliExpress. You will definitely find such stickers on Amazon.
Afterwards I used the regenerating moisturizing mask for my hands, nails and cuticles. My designer always used a nail oil when she was done, so I figured I could use this product. Unfortunately, it is not available in October.
Please don’t judge my skills as a nail designer, I’ve smeared so much 🙁 . I’ve never been a specialist in manicure, and because the last 3 years my designer has been doing my nails, I’ve gotten totally out of practice.

I did the nails on Thursday last week, they lasted well for 1 week, on Friday I had 2 nails with chipped nail polish and decided to paint the nails again.
I hope you like it and I will definitely show you the new manicure too.
Anyone familiar with Avon will know that the products aren’t offered in the brochure every month, so the links probably won’t work.


See you soon, your Hany

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