More profit for reps

More profit for reps

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.
Since November some things have changed at Avon Germany, like the 1-month campaign.
Our discounts have also changed. In the following I will show you the old discounts and the new discounts, as well as some great innovations for us reps.
  • With the old discount model, we had 5 discount levels.
  • Before that, we had no discount for orders below €50.
  • We had a loyalty program where you could sell for a certain amount in one quarter and then get a 35% or 40% discount for the next quarter. These extra discounts were only on cosmetic products and the non-cosmetic products were only remunerated at 30%.
  • Then there are the offers “order in addition”, they annoyed me :-), unfortunately we only had a 10% discount, and the customers simply jumped on them because they are a great deal.

The new discount model is valid from November 🙂 and although I have been working with the old discount model since March 2018 and was also satisfied, I think the new discount model is GREAT.

  • Earn from €1
  • Transferred Discount
  • Cumulative retroactive discount
  • With the first order and without a minimum order value you get 10%
  • You ALWAYS get your highest discount on all orders in the campaign.


At first glance, it doesn’t look like much, at least because the sums you have to achieve are higher. What increases our profit is the accumulated retrospective discount.

I’ll explain what that is in a moment :-).

You make an order for €30, and you get a 10% discount.

Then you make an order for €60, now you have reached the 2nd level (30 + 60 = 90) and get 15% discount for this order, but you also get 5% discount for your first order. Ain’t that wow

And that’s exactly what happens when you place an order for €260, you have reached level 4 (30 + 60 + 260 = 350), you get 35% for this order.

And then you get the difference for the other 2 orders. At the end of the campaign you will have the higher level discount for every order that you have achieved.

We didn’t have that before, and I did not hear  something like this about other network marketing companies. I know companies where you have a 15% or 20% discount from the first order and that’s all.

You used to make an order for €30 if you didn’t get a discount. If you made a 2 order for €60 you had a 15% discount only for this order for €60. If you have a 3 order for €260 you would have a 30% discount, only for this order.

What I also like now, if you have achieved a 25% discount in one campaign, you start the next campaign with 25%, you no longer start with 10%.

Put more simply, you always take your highest discount from the previous campaign in the next campaign. And the “order in addition” offers are still great for our customers, but we get the discount we achieved, and I think this is great :-).

And one more thing I haven’t heard from any other network company, gifts for reps.

We can also order gifts as soon as we have reached a specified amount. The gifts and the sums change from campaign to campaign.

If you decide now in the 1st quarter of 2021 and become an Avon rep, you will receive a Far Away Rebel & Diva perfume when you reach an order value of €95 in your Start Campagne.

I will also show you what the consultants who are longer at Avon can order :-).

Isn’t that great :-), more opportunities for every Rep.
And that’s not all, a rep can register as a sales leader and build her own team. In the first year, the new SL has the chance to win a €5200 bonuses if the SL meets the requirements.

Maybe I’ll write a post about winnings as a sales leader.

I hope that I have made it understandable and that my post motivates you to take this step too and that you register as a consultant.

Of course, I would be very happy to welcome you to my team <3.




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