Easter offer

Easter offer

Hello dears and welcome to my blog.

Easter is getting closer, and I’ve thought of an offer for you.

It’s too short notice, I hope that one or the other will take advantage of it.
Many are now buying gifts for their loved ones, mostly fragrance sets.
So I came up with the following:
Buy 5 fragrance sets from the shop, and you get 1 free Passion Dance Eau de Toilette Spray for free.

If you order in the shop, the perfume will automatically be placed in your basket, you don’t have to do anything.
In principle, this could also apply to orders from the brochure, but only for the sets I have selected.
You can choose the following sets from the brochure for this offer:
Page 7, Incandessence Soleil Set.
The set contains:
• INCANDESSENCE SOLEIL Eau de Parfum Spray | 50ml |
• INCANDESSENCE SOLEIL pocket spray | 10ml |

Page 83, Far Away Aurora Set
The set contains:
• FAR AWAY AURORA Pocket Spray | 10ml |
• FAR AWAY AURORA Perfumed Body Lotion | 150ml |
• FAR AWAY AURORA Eau de Parfum Spray | 50ml |

Page 83, Far Away Original Set
The set contains:
• FAR AWAY Perfumed Body Mist | 75ml |
• FAR AWAY pocket spray | 10ml |
• FAR AWAY Eau de Parfum Spray | 50ml |

Page 85, Eve Truth Set
Contents of the set:
• EVE TRUTH Eau de Parfum Spray |50 ml|
• EVE TRUTH body lotion |150 ml|
• EVE TRUTH pocket spray|10 ml|

Page 89, Pur Blanca Set
The set contains:
• PUR BLANCA body spray | 100ml |
• PUR BLANCA body lotion | 150ml |
• PUR BLANCA Eau de Toilette Spray | 50ml |
• PUR BLANCA roll-on deodorant | 50ml |
• PUR BLANCA body spray | 75ml |

I have the sets in the shop at home, and they can be sent straight away, the sets from the brochure have to be ordered first.
Orders from the brochure can be delivered directly from the factory to your home within Germany free of charge.
For orders from the shop, the shipping costs shown in the shop apply.

See you soon, your Hany




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