Aloha Monoi products tested by me

Aloha Monoi products tested by me

Welcome to my blog, I am Hany 3 times mom and Avon consultant. In this post I will present you the Avon Aloha Monoi products.

In Campagne 9 I ordered the 3-piece set and have been using it until now.

The set consists of bath foam, body peeling and body lotion.

I love to bathe and often enjoy a long bubble bath, I love how it smells and my children love how much foam it makes. They fill the bathtub with foam and play with it.

When I take a shower, I use the body scrub and in addition to the great fragrance, it leaves my skin cleaner and finer.

After showering, I used the body cream and it moisturizes my skin and it feels soft.

The picture was taken because I also love to crochet a lot and I crocheted this shopping network. I wanted to photograph it to show on my page, and so I thought that I could combine the 2 things I love :-). I hope that you like it.



ALOHA MONOI body peeling The smoothing body peeling gives the skin a healthy glow and ensures a velvety-soft, refreshed and invigorated skin feeling.

ALOHA MONOI bubble bath
The rich bubble bath leaves a delicate fragrance of tropical coconut and Tiaré flower from Tahiti on the skin. The best refreshment after a hot summer day!

ALOHA MONOI body lotion
The moisturizing body lotion pampers your skin, moisturizes it and makes it smooth. It also leaves your skin feeling tender.

I leave you the link for my online brochure here, you can put the desired products in the basket and then send the order to me. I will then contact you for payment and shipping.

Thank you in advance for your orders, your Hany.


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