Super offer 5 + 1 free for your gifts

Super offer 5 + 1 free for your gifts

Hello dears and welcome to my blog.
I came up with a great offer for you yesterday. It is inspired by our kebab shop, which has a similar promotion for loyal customers, loyalty pass. Or the indoor playground, where we drove with our children before Corona. There were pay 10 entry fees and the 11-th time the children could play for free

I also wanted to offer you something, at the moment I don’t know how I can do that because the kebab or the entrance fee to the playground always costs the same. And I can hardly offer a perfume for 6 months. (Or is it?)
But now that Christmas is just around the corner and the Avon catalog is full of gifts, I thought I’d offer my gift offerings.

After some fiddling around, this was set up in my shop. So if you put 5 fragrance sets in the shopping cart, one set will automatically be added to the basket for free.

The set will be randomly selected from the sets in your basket based on how many are left in stock

If you buy 5 sets that have the same price, you get a set of the same value for free, if you buy sets that have different prices, you get the cheaper one for free.


The offer is also valid for orders from my online brochure ;-). It is not calculated automatically, but there are more fragrance sets to choose from than I have in stock at home.
You can choose any fragrance set from the brochure, you can also choose Anew products. You can also select the advent calendar.

The offer is valid throughout October and November. This is my personal offer for you, because giving brings joy, and if you give presents to your loved ones, I give presents to you.

I hope that you like my offer and that you can take advantage of it. And if you say 5 sets is unfortunately too much, you can ask your friends, your sister… if she also wants to buy 1-2 sets, and you share an order.

See you soon, dear ones.

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