Vegan and environmentally friendly skin care line “Distillery”

Vegan and environmentally friendly skin care line “Distillery”

After several years of scientific research, Avon Germany will launch its first vegan and environmentally friendly “Distillery” skincare line.The Line will soon be introduced worldwide and will be supplemented with make-up next year.


The range of facial care products includes a cleansing balm, an SPF25 day cream, a night cream, a vitamin C powder and a cleansing oil, which will be available individually or in sets.


Produced using a series of concentrates obtained by distillation to increase its effectiveness, the waterless or low-water formulas each contain about 15 ingredients.


A pioneering brand

The vegan brand appeals to new and existing customers looking for a range of options tailored to their personal preferences. The products are clinically tested and formulated without environmental impact.


For packaging Avon has chosen recycled glass to avoid plastic.

The SPF25 face cream was also made from 100% mineral sunscreen ingredients.

“Distillery is a game-changing new brand from Avon that celebrates clean beauty without compromise. Avon is fully away of the increasing number of socially conscious consumers and diverse preferences in beauty; we are committed to offering choice in our product portfolio.”​


Samples for these products can already be ordered from Campagne 14, while the products will not be available until 17 October.


Make-up start planned for 2020

Following the launch of the first skin care products, Avon will add four cosmetic products to Distillery’s range next year.


The incoming make-up offer feature a liquid lip concentrate; a mascara; a powder primer; and colored eyeshadows.





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