Body balm with warming effect

Body balm with warming effect

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Since the beginning of the month, I’ve been wanting to tell you about this warming balm from Planet Spa.

I posted on my Facebook profile that on September 2nd I celebrated my son’s birthday, and we all know that one of those days means a lot of running, standing, etc.

After I served the cake, the children were playing nicely, and I also sat on a chair and looked at Facebook. I see a post by an Avon Leader praising the balm, how she applied it to her temples and neck, and it helped her with headaches, she also wrote that the balm warms the skin and relaxes the muscles.

I had the balm at home, I ordered it as soon as it appeared, it was in a set with a bath salt with lavender, and I am a fan of 🛀 long and hot baths, with foam, oils, salts, etc.


So I used the bath salt immediately, the gel remained, I really wasn’t curious about it. After reading the post I said, that’s it, today I’ll try it too, I’m so tired, I need to relax.

At first, I took a 🛁 long and hot bath, yes hot. I get out of the bathroom and call my husband to put the cream on my back. My girl usually offers to cram me, but I thought, that if it has a warming effect, is no good for her.

So, my housband begins to cream the balm on my back, which in the beginning was 🥶 real cold, while I was hot. Well, it starts to 🔥 burn, but it burns, brother, like even those rheumatism or Chinese creams don’t burn like that. Now, to be honest, I have never used those creams after a hot bath.

My husband almost died laughing, while I just whined.

After the hot bath, the pores were open, and the cream worked much better, so to speak. Such a heat, I don’t remember ever feeling something like that, and it seemed like it didn’t go away.


I wanted to climb the walls from the heat. I said that I never use it again immediately after the bath 🙈.

The next day, my husband complained of back pain, so I convinced him to apply the balm to see if it was really warm or not. At first, he didn’t feel anything, but then he said he was getting warm. Of course, it wasn’t as hot as mine, but he hadn’t bathed before.

If I made you curious, and you want to try the conditioner, I have one available at home 😉, this month it is also in the catalog, you can order it. I will also leave you the description from the Avon Romania page. At Avon, Germany is shorter 😂 .

The body balm with lavender and chamomile pleasantly smoothes and warms the skin, while the relaxing fragrance calms your senses.


•Uses: body conditioner, suitable for dry and normal skin, great for winter, to be used before bed
•How it works: The balm’s creamy formula nourishes the skin, pleasantly warming it and soothing the senses with a soothing aroma
•Result: smooth and soft skin all over the body

Warmer, nicer and calmer – The Intensive Warming Body Balm with Lavender and Chamomile restores the smoothness of the skin and soothes any irritation. Use it after your evening bath to calm the noise of your thoughts and calm your senses before bed. Thanks to the addition of warming ingredients, it is perfect for autumn and winter.

How to use Avon body balm? Rub on dry skin. Wash your hands immediately after use. The warming sensation may last up to 30 minutes after application. Inspiration did you know that the scent of lavender soothes the senses? Get the entire soothing and relaxing line with lavender and chamomile and get ready to sleep well!

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