Why I work from home

Why I work from home

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog.

Today I’m going to tell you about my experience as a mom of three and an Avon Consultant.

It’s actually a long story, I won’t tell everything because I don’t want to make it very long.

The most important things are that we, I and my husband moved from Romania to Austria, and we are all alone here, without relatives and friends who would help us with the children.

For this we live in a small place with considering older people. We don’t have many opportunities to find a job in town. There is a kindergarten, an elementary school, a family doctor with his own pharmacy, a tobacco shop with a post office counter, a local store, 2 restaurants, 2 hairdressers. There isn’t much choice.

To do a job you need a car, public transport usually doesn’t work. So my husband works in a factory and starts work at 6 a.m., when there is no bus or train. And the same is true in the evening.

I have a driver’s license and a car, I had childcare that kept me going.

At that time, I looked in vain for a childminder for the first child, there was only one here in town and she had enough children and shouldn’t take any. Fortunately or unfortunately, he got a place in kindergarten and that limited my working hours between 8 and 12. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything during these times, I would often be told that they have enough mothers who can only work until they are 12.

Then came the 2 and then the 3 child, and with 3 children it is even more difficult to find a job, from 8 to 12.

I already started thinking about what to do from home after the second child. Because I liked to crochet, a friend at the time persuaded me that I could earn some extra money with my crocheted things. Because I needed a lot of time to make a hat, I thought I’d rather sell the wool and register a small business.

I’ve known Avon since 1997, and I loved this friction surface in the catalog at the time. Since I was in Austria I have never heard of Avon and at some point I remembered how a colleague at work always brought the latest catalog with her and we, my best friend and I leafed through it during the break .. Then did I often tried the scents (on the friction surface), and while working I kept sniffing my wrist.

Then I had the idea to ask a work from home group on Facebook if someone had something for me. I received dozens of offers in a few minutes. And one of them was for Avon. I immediately recognized that the girl who made me the offer is not German, the name and the spelling betrayed her. She is Romanian like me, that was also an advantage for me :-), because it is always easier to speak your mother tongue, and of course you understand more.

In 2 days there were hundreds of offers, from free registrations to €500. With and without online shop and -and- and. I have to say I didn’t look at everything, the tide was too big all at once. What was absolutely important to me was an online shop.

So I chose Avon, when I thought about it, the decision had already been made, the day when I remembered what it was like back then.

What was interesting for me:

Definitely your own online shop, I wrote that in my request.

No registration costs and therefore no risk, you can try it out and if it doesn’t work, you haven’t lost anything.

The catalog with the friction surface, now we also have a personalized online brochure, where you can order online directly from me.

Of course, the discounts and gifts too.

I have been an Avon consultant since March 2018. Where did the time fly?

I am satisfied when I earn the 300-€400 which I would earn marginally from home. It is essential to me that my children are not with strangers. Even when I’m not tinkering all the time, they’re at home. Nowhere is like home.

They  know all corners, they can have something to eat or snack on, when they want, if someone gets sick, I am there and can make tea and comfort.

A week before the Christmas holidays, the teacher from my little daughter (6) called me that she has a stomachache and I should please pick her up. I don’t want to imagine what it would have been like when I would have had a permanent job.

Then you have a lump in your throat, what’s the matter with the child, then you have to let the boss know, and maybe you can go. But what when the boss can’t do without you? When you are the only saleswoman in the store at the time? Then you have to call someone, the husband, the grandma, the aunt. And when you are like me, that you have no one else? I have my husband, but to him, it wouldn’t be easier to leave work.

Of course, you can earn more with Avon, a lot more. I have consultants on my team who earn a lot more, but they also do more. It depends on the time you invest and how much you do.

I know consultants who registered and then did nothing, simply gave up. I know consultants who sell less than I do, and I also know consultants who sell for €10,000-15,000 a month.

Everyone earns after the work invested.

I like to work from home because I want to be there for my children, because I don’t always want to leave my children somewhere. That when a teacher calls me that my child is not doing well, I don’t have to ask anyone if I can be there for my child. I jump in the car and pick up my child.

I like to work from home because I can just go to the playground on a sunny day.

This freedom not to be locked somewhere for 4, 6 or 8 hours, not to have to be somewhere.

Can do everything, not have to.

My New Year’s resolution this year is to invest more time in Avon and make more money. Keep your fingers crossed that I can do it.

And you out there, when you’ve read this post, and you’re having the same difficulty finding a normal job, when you want to be there for your children, get in touch with me, and we’ll try together.

In my team I also have a mother like me who want to be with her children, I also have consultants who also have a normal job and do Avon as a part-time job. Everything is possible.

I’m there for you, I’ll explain how to do it. But you have to sell yourself :-).

See you soon, your Hany




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